2 Feb 2023 - WoNO V17 Changelog v3

WoNO V17 Changelog v3
- Sai Hebi no Shushu CD changed to 20s
- Boruto Futon Dai Reppusho CD changed to 30s
- Deidara Nendo Trap CD changed to 45s
- Deidara Nendo Kibaku CD changed to 60s
- Nagato Gedo Rinne Tensei no Jutsu CD changed to 120s
- Nagato Bansho Tenin CD changed to 30s
- Kankuro Kiki Doku CD changed to 45s
- Asuma Chakra to Hien CD changed to 60s
- Naruto Kurama CD changed to 90s
- Naruto Kurama Chikara CD changed to 40s
- Itachi Amaterass CD changed to 75s
- Nagato Gakido changed to "Utamo Vita", like Ino's Chakra Control
- Nagato Shinra Tensei added 1s paralyze and CD changed to 40s
- Shinki Satetsu no Kabe changed to 20% distance dmg and 20% defense for 10 sec, CD changed to 90s
- Shinki Satetsu Kurogane no Tsubasa, changed jutsu to Make dot-mutilation on target (10x damage 4% health)
- Yugito Hiso Jump added 1s paralyze and CD changed to 20s
- Shikadai Kagemane no Jutsu Seko CD changed to 30s like Shikamaru
- Mizukage Futton Komu no Jutsu changed from self stun and defense to paralyze 2s
- Kakuzu Masks Hearts Relase changed duration from 10s to 7s and CD changed to 80s
- Deidara added new spell "Chakra Clay" with shared CD with Nendo Kibaku and Nendo Trap, All party members get 15% more damage from Ninjutsu for 7s, CD 60s
- Hiruzen Adamantine Charge changed to 100% defense for 3s, CD 30s, shared CD with Adamantine Jump
- Ino changed shared CD from Shintenshin and Shintenshigi to shared Shintenshigi and Chakra Control
- Blessed Monk previously could be used only with PACC, now you can use it on FACC account
- Raikage Raiton Shunshin no Jutsu CD changed to 30s
- Neutral Mode has been temporarily turned off
- Added 100% uncovered minimap to client
- Orochimaru Hebi no Shushu CD changed from 60s to 25s
- Orochimaru Kuchiyose no Jutsu CD changed from 60s to 75s
- Itachi Genjutsu Sharingan CD changed from 10s to 15s
- Kiba Akamaru Run % health changed from 30% to 45%
- Bigger AoE Damage for Mizukage - Yoton Arare
- Bigger AoE Damage for Daruia - Kuroi Kaminari
- Bigger AoE Damage for Chocho - Chodan Sensha
- Ancient Misticalus task is now for 800 level

30 Jan 2023 - WoNO V17 Changelog v2

WoNO V17 Changelog v2
- New Uchiha respawns
- New Senju Respawns
- New Legendary Outfit for Hidan
- New Legendary Outfit for Hiruzen
- New Legendary Outfit for Haku
- New Legendary Outfit for Kakuzu
- New Legendary Outfit for Shisui
- New Legendary Outfit for Shikamaru
- New Legendary Outfit for Itachi
- Jutsu:
Sasuke - Setsuna -> Instant Move + Stun for 2 sec
Sasuke - Chidorigatana -> deleted
Sasuke - Susanou changed into Susanou Atk and Susanou Def.
Sai - Hebi no Shushu -> Stun for 1 sec and super speed for 5 sec
Shikamaru - Kagemane no Jutsu Seko [CD] -> from 60 to 30 sec.
Shikamaru - Nara Kangaeru -> Health +40% and dexterity +50 for 15 sec.
Jiraiya - Doton Doryu Heki -> Added.
Yamato/Hashirama - Jukai Kotan -> Fixed.
Hashirama - Jubaku Eiso -> Added.
Raikage - Raiton Shunshin no Jutsu -> Instant Move + Stun for 2 sec
Kisame - Suiton Chikara -> Health +40% and dexterity +50 for 15 sec
Kisame - Samehada Fusion -> Taijutsu +25%, defense +15% for 10 sec
Nagato - Bansho tenin [CD] -> from 60 to 40 sec.
Shinki - Satetsu Kurogane no Tsubasa -> 10x Damage Combo to target (20% less damage)
Zabuza - Kubikiribocho -> Instant Move + Stun for 2 sec

More info soon.

28 Jan 2023 - WoNO V17 Changelog v1

WoNO V17 Changelog v1
- New Otclient with new features and bugs fixes.
- New working Bot in OtClient.
- New Android Client (Beta-version).
- New item in shop for summonig Training Puppet in House.
- Skins for Training Puppet in House.
- 2x more exp for Triangle Missions.
- New rewards for Islands Missions.
- Sloter Achievement has been changed into Islands Missions and reward is 2x event loss box.
- Hunting(stamina drain) after killing a monster is now changed from 3 mins to 5 mins.
- Additionally for bosses and high lvl mobs there will be a change - stamina will start draining during a fight.
- Possible to sell chakra golden amulet, platinum amulet, royal katon ring, antidote, and element tokens.
- Sagas now respawn screen
- Players can'tt use frag remover when their are dying or they have red skull
- After teleport to the temple after event will regenerate your health so you don't have to worry about "dying" from dot if you are low hp.
- Ignore Equipement in NPCs are now working.
- Guilds members have emblems now if they have war with someone.
- On !magic_effects off you will see Boss special explosion jutsu.
- When player is dying he is no longer showing on battle and there is no health bar on him, there are just countdown and animation now.
- MVP Event has been changed, every player who is durring the event will get the reward.
- Crafting has got small upgrade, you can see now the list of items and requirements after hi > craft, and when you are crafting now NPC will be getting the required items from you backpack if you have them there instead from EQ.
- In some cases Jinchuriki Arena has bug with teleporting to the busy arena, it's been fixed now.
- New War Bless has been added to the game.
- All Aka vs Anbu fighters get +10% more exp for next 60 minutes.
- We have added Amulet and Ring Traders on Triangle Island.
- New room for alchemist.
- New Quest for 500 level.
- M-walls have been blocked on events.

More info soon.

2 Jan 2023 - WoNO V17 Short

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