Server Rules
I Accounts
a) Administration isn't responsible for lost items of hacked player.
b) Administration will never ask you for your login/pass unless it's to provide pacc or email/r-key change.
c) Remember, use different login/pass on other servers.
d) Selling character or items for real money or trading for something on other servers and other games is prohibited.
e) Selling characters or accounts is not allowed and will be punished with BAN

II Nickname's
a) Nickname should have at least 3 letters.
b) Nickname can't be vulgar or misleading.
c) Nickname can't have random letters, for example: djhethssdf
d) Nickname can't imitate or associate with the names of Administration.
e) Nickname can't be the name of famous real person, for example: Eminem
f) Nicknames which may confuse others in our position, for example: Administrator Jacob.
g) Nickname must be readable and fir in Battle window.
h) Nickname can't have numbers.
i) Administrator may give namelock or delete character to a person who doesn't follow these rules.
j) Nickname can't contain letters like - ' [ ] ; . , etc.

III Programs/Bots/Taskers
a) Using any programs to make your gameplay easier will be punished by account delete
b) Multiclient is allowed but you can't use it to block respawns/sagas or interupt other players.
c) Macro's, tasker and other similar programs are not allowed.
d) Inserting any items into keycap in keyboard is not allowed and will be recognized as a BOT.
e) AFK Bot is not allowed.

IV Insulting
a) Insulting Administration will be punished at the discretion of Admin.
b) Excessive offense of players in the game will be punished at the discretion of Admin.

V Chat's
a) Trade - chat only for the purchase / sale and exchange of items.
b) Game-chat - for free conversation with other players. You can't post trade offers or search for team here.
c) Saga and Quest - chat only for searching team on sags/quests/instance.
d) Help - chat only for questions about the game.
e) Advertising on chats is only associated with 'delete' account.
f) Disregard these rules will be punished at the discretion of admin.

VI Bugs/Exploits
a) Admin reserves the right to revert game database at 24 hours in case of a serious bug used by players.
b) Using bugs or game weaknesses will be punished at the discretion of Admin.
c) Reporting important bug will be rewarded at the discretion of Admin.
d) Any interruptions in the game to other players such as blocking respawns or saga's under PVP level will be punished at the discretion of Admin.
e) The player has the right to report another player violating the rules by writing report using Ctrl+R shortkey in the game.

Admin has the right in extreme cases to punish player as he deems appropriate.

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