Personal Outfits

Personal Outfit System:

Making your custom outfit:
1. Downlaod base outfit of our character.
2. Edit outfit or make new outfit (32x32 or 32x64 or 64x32 or 64x64).
3. Send it with email to:
-Topic: Personal Outfit
-Description: Acc, Password, Nickname, Graphic in "PNG".
-Info are you agree to share outfit to other players as special outfit Yes/No.

Cost of personal outfit is 5000 premium points and it will be taken by administration.
All new outfits will be added every Saturday.

1. Outfit must be similar to chosen character (Umless he's masked or something like that) and will be good if u use our base to modify your outfit.
2. If u play, for example Naruto, your outfit can't be character from another anime or be Sasuke or Goku.
3. Outfit graphics cannot be stolen from anywhere.
4. Outfit graphics cannot be offensive and vulgar.
5. Outfit can be with blur and transparency. (aditional cost 1000 pkt)
6. Outfit can be animated (animation when it stands). (aditional cost 2000 pkt)
7. Outfit must be good looking and it must be accepted by Administration.

Your outfit will be assigned only to your character on every edition.


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