8 Apr 2021 - Attack Speed & bug

Due to low amount of active players we changed max attack speed on WoNO from 250ms > 150 ms so you can skill to higher skill and you can have up to 6,5 attacks per second.

We also fixed bug which caused lags when there were 300+ players on WoNO, from first look it looks like currently WoNO could handle even 700+ players without lags !

PS. We've also increased slightly damage to players on high levels from 20% to 32%!

8 Mar 2021 - WoNO Code Event

We are introducing exp event on WoNO!
1-99lvl: +200% exp
100-349lvl: +100% exp
350-599lvl: +50% exp
600lvl+: +25% exp

Join now and fight with gift special game code "RULE-THE-WONO"

3 Mar 2021 - Shop

18 Feb 2021 - Dead Forest Event

Also character market has been opened

10 Feb 2021 - Hiraishin Event

8 Feb 2021 - Last Changelog

Last Changelog:

-Shukaku no Tate has been fixed.
-A lot of reported respawns have been fixed.
-Jashin Chikara has been fixed.
-Hebi no Shushu has been fixed.

5 Feb 2021 - Last words before the start!

we are very happy that our community is so big, everyone is welcome here, but as a reminder I have to say few things:
1. Using bot which is build in our game is allowed only when you are on PC and you can respond to Admins/GM/CM. If they ask you if you are on PC you must respond in other cases you can be banished!!
2. Using other unofficial software is not allowed and you may get ban or even perma ban, we will be checking behavior of every player and you may be detected if you are using some unofficial softwares!
3. If you have any problems in game feel free to write to: "Mavius", "CM Fifajster", "Puchauke" or on their discord!
4. There are 2 restarts every day. [at 0:00 and 12:00(PL TIME)]
5. If any unexpected things happen eg. server crashes, some items cloning or any other ruining game bug we will do a rollback, server state is saving every hour.

Regards, WoNO Team

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