18 Oct 2022 - Event

27 Sep 2022 - WoNO Special Info.

1. Char market will never be running again.
2. Selling characters for real money or premium points will result in a ban.

17 Sep 2022 - WoNO Event

31 Aug 2022 - Win PS5

First in WoNO History, now you can win your Playstation 5!
TOP 1500 lvl.
1 miejsce: Zestaw -Nowa Konsola SONY PlayStation 5 + Horizon: Forbidden West Voucher + Sackboy + Stojak na słuchawki + Słuchawki Viro
2 miejsce: 30.000 premium points.
3 miejsce: 15.000 premium points.
Regulamin PS5:
1. Aby wygrać PS5 trzeba jako pierwszym zdobyć 1500 poziom.
2. Konto wygrane nie może być banowane. (jeden ban wyklucza udział w konkursie)
3. Konto wygrane nie może używać zewnętrznego oprogramowania do gry które w jaki kolwiek ułatwia grę.
4. Zwycięzca musi podać swój pełny adres zamieszkania oraz numer telefonu Administratorowi Wono, który wyśle konsole.
5. Konsola zostanie wysłana przez Paczkomat lub kuriera.
6. Wygrany po otrzymaniu PS5 musi wysłać zdjęcie, że otrzymał konsolę, które będzie wstawione na portalach społecznościowych.
TOP 1500 lvl.
1st place: Set - New SONY PlayStation 5 + Horizon Console: Forbidden West Voucher + Sackboy + Headphone stand + Viro headphones
2nd place: 30,000 premium points.
3rd place: 15,000 premium points.
PS5 Rules:
1. To win PS5 you need to be the first to reach 1500 level.
2. The account won cannot be banned. (one ban excludes participation in the competition)
3. The winning account cannot use any external game software that facilitates the game in any way.
4. The winner must provide their full home address and telephone number to the Wono Administrator who will ship the consoles.
5. The console will be sent by mail or courier.
6. After receiving the PS5, the winner must send a photo that he or she has received the console, which will be posted on social media.

16 Aug 2022 - WoNO v16 Prewiev

Changelog v2:
-Stamina has been chnaged from 6 hours to 240 minutes per day. You can have 600 minutes in your stamina bank.
-There is new Task multipler System, you can change difficulty easy(1x), medium(3x), hard(5x) it multiplies monsters to kill and rewards
-Now you can make all missions, with stamina off, only tasks are blocked with empty or stamina off.

-elixir has been changed into "regeneration 200/s for 3 minutes".

-Genjutsu Snakes spawns has been buffed.
-Mistic Masters spawns has been buffed.
-Genjutsu Bears spawns has been buffed.
-Juubi Elementals spawns has been buffed.
-Genjutsu Rats spawns has been buffed.
-Force Shinobi spawns has been buffed.
-Uchiha Ghosts spawns has been buffed.
-Sharingan Creatures spawns has been buffed.
-2 new spawns with Medusa in land of iron
-Ancient myoboku spawns has been buffed.
-Benisu Island Insects and Bears spawns has been buffed.

-Snow Farm Missions for level [90] requirements have been changed from 40 woods to 20 woods.
-Hokage Missions requirements from level 15 to level 50 have been changed.
-20 tuniques into 10 toniques.
-30 leaf into 15 leaf.
-25 fighters into 10 fighters.
-25 bears into 15 bears.
-40 insects into 20 insects.
-35 double magic leaf into 20 double magic leaf.
-50 swordsmans into 25 swordsmans.
-50 stream into 25 stream.
-50 plesionaur into 30 plesionaur.
-50 long leaf into 30 long leaf.
-100 weapon specialists into 50 weapon specialists.
-50 green leaves into 30 green leaves.

Changelog v1:
- Cards have been completely removed from the game.
- Hokage Missions Exp Buff 15-50 lvl.
- Kazekage Missions Exp Buff 100-300 lvl.
- Mizukage Missions Exp Buff 200-350 lvl.
- Aka vs Anbu Missions Exp Buff 100-400 lvl.
- Danzo Missions Exp Buff 100-250 lvl.
- Turtle Missions Exp Buff 75-500 lvl.
- Saga Missions Exp Buff 1-1000 lvl.
- Kakashi Gaiden Exp Buff 1-150 lvl.
- Itachi Gaiden Exp Buff 1-200 lvl.
- Minato Gaiden Exp Buff 100-200 lvl.
- Saga Chapter (25) lvl changed in to 550 lvl.
- Saga Chapter (26) lvl changed in to 600 lvl.
- Saga Chapter (27) lvl changed in to 650 lvl.
- Saga Chapter (28) lvl changed in to 700 lvl.
- Sharingan Amulet crafting has been fixed.
- High level weapons requirements have been fixed.
- High level stats have been fixed.
- Items 1250 crafting have been fixed.
- Master, slayer, defender, lucky, nishu, buster potions have been added to Potion Trader.
- Shousen Jutsu and Regeneration now have the same exhustion.
- Obito Mask Quest now gives additionally 3x golds.
- Iwagakure Quest now gives additionally 3x fuin sharingan scrolls.
- Shippuuden Quest now gives additionally 3x kuchiyose scrolls.
- Yugakure Quest now gives additionally 1x regeneration boost and 50x melting hammers.
- The Last Quest now gives additionally 2x doton enchants.
- More rewards from Sags.
- Crafting Boxes have less drop rate.
- New crafting options for equipements level 1.
- New crafting options for equipements level 50.

16 Aug 2022 - WoNO V16

9 Aug 2022 - WoNO v16

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