12 Jan 2021 - TOP 5 rewards - for v11!

rewards for v5 have been granted!

Top 1: 5k pp + 30 premium days
Top 2: 3k pp + 30 premium days
Top 3: 1k pp + 30 premium days
Top 4: 30 premium days
Top 5: 30 premium days

We have restarted characters and we've started to prepare new edition!
Feel free to create your character and stay tuned for more info!
Regards, Support

4 Jan 2021 - WoNO - close and WoNO v12 start date!

Hello, we are preparing a new edition of WoNO and currently edition will be closed on 10.01.2021(Sunday).

Next edition will be lunched 5.02.2021!
More info soon!

19 Oct 2020 - New CM!

Hello, our tutor Fifajster has been promoted to Community Manager position!
His current nick is: CM Fifajster
He will be helping Mavius and he also will be helping you guys if help is needed.
Regards, Support

7 Oct 2020 - Error - fix

Hello, after almost 24 hours since "lost items bug", we managed to deliver items to those who lost them, ofc there were some players who wanted to take advantage of this incident but they were just missed and they didn't receive anything.

For the future:
We updated script for backups - server is automatically backuping every hour and if anything like this happen in the future or any other bug will somehow be found that could ruin the game, we will just do a rollback up to 60 minutes max.

With that said, take care guys!

27 Sep 2020 - Ticket System

Hello !
Our old ticket system is back, duo to having a lot of spam on all our contacts we decided to introduce our old ticket system with a little improvments!
This ticket system should be used first to contact support, it will be used mostly by Mavius and tutors so they could filter those messages and pass it further[Jacolos/Crash] in cases when they can't help you.

But most cases can be handled by Mavius and tutors so don't worry!
They will also receive notification about new messages, but please be patient, we are not siting 24/7 and we can't reply everyone in 1-3 minutes!

All right here is the system: ticket system
Take care!

25 Sep 2020 - Bijuu Imitation DROP

All Bijuu Imitations have more drop with new exclusive backpacks!

24 Sep 2020 - Juubi Imitation Quest [300]

We have added Bijuu Imitation Quest for level 300 on North of Suna Gakure

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