12 Jul 2021 - Fixes

- Seninka - it gives now +25% taijutsu (it was bugged before because it was giving +25% dist dmg)
- Sharingan copy - fix bug after changing VOC, now you can't use this technique if you are not Sarada
- some SHOP Offers have now discount 10-25%

22 Jun 2021 - WoNO Giveaway Stream

19 Jun 2021 - Changes

- Aka vs Anbu Event is turned on and will start Today normal at 8:00
- Some of the new techniques have been blocked durring aka vs anbu Event
- Reiza sakasu is now PvP only and won't bounce from party members or the technique owner.

17 Jun 2021 - Aka vs Anbu

Hello, classic event Aka vs Anbu(at 8 PM) will be turned off for Today and Tomorrow! (Thursday and Friday)

10 Jun 2021 - WoNO v13

WoNO v13 changelog

-Distance characters have max 4 range to shoot.
-Lags on server has been reduced.

-New Character Juugo.
-New Character Mizukage "Mei".
-New Character Darui.
-New Premium Character Shikadai (Making from Shikamaru at 400lvl).
-New Premium Character Inojin (Making from Sai at 400lvl).
-New Premium Character Chocho (Making from Choji at 400lvl).
-New Premium Character Shinki (Making from Gaara at 400lvl).

-Better 50 lvl items crafting drop.

-50% more exp from tasks.
-2x more money from tasks.
-Myoboku task from snails,dogs,frogs and snakes have been fused into one task.
-Hokage 50 green leaves mission has been changed in to 15 green leaves.

-Chakra reduction for "chakra explolsion".

-New Shaolins spot.
-New Samurais spot.
-New Samurai Defenders spot.
-Puppet buff spot.
-New Anbu spot.
-Senju buff spot.
-Fixed Cursed Samurais spot.

-All snakes,frogs,dogs and snakes have nerf dmg and exp buff.
-Puppets have 20% more exp.
-Uchiha have 10% more exp.
-Golems from Uzu have 15% less exp.
-Ancient Golems have 20% more exp.
-Ancient Misticulus have 25% more exp.
-Mistic Dragon is now similar to ancient misticulus

-A lot of new animations.

27 May 2021 - WONO Online v13 Preview

24 May 2021 - WoNO v13

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