5 Aug 2020 - WoNO v11

20 Jul 2020 - Rewards for v10!

TOP 5 players have been rewarded as always!

From this edition we have higher rewards:
TOP1: 5k pp + 30 PACC days
TOP2: 4k pp + 30 PACC days
TOP3: 3k pp + 30 PACC days
TOP4: 2k pp + 30 PACC days
TOP5: 1k pp + 30 PACC days

Due to top6[Mamadisimo] was really close to top5, we decided to give him also extra 30 PACC days.

Congratz to everyone!
Work on new edition is in progress, more info soon!

Regards, Support

8 Jul 2020 - WoNO - season 10 - close

Hello, on 19th July server will be closed.
All your premium days will be frozen until new season!

Regards, Support

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