27 Dec 2021 - Madara Event

20 Dec 2021 - Christmas Event

17 Dec 2021 - Weekend Event

14 Dec 2021 - Giveaway

14 Dec 2021 - Forester Event

6 Dec 2021 - Changelog Cards Loss

- Card loss is now cost 50 event points.
- There are 6% chance to get card loss from Bosses.
- There are 3 card loss reward from each Slasher Ninja mission.

3 Dec 2021 - WoNO v14 - It's Today!


WoNO is starting Today.

Client is ready to download in our download section.
Some of you wanted to know what is changed in the cards, so the answer is 2 things.
1) Loss Card item has got chances correction from: 13%/2%/1%/0.3%/0.03% to: 8%/5%/3%/1%/0.6%.
2) There is now NPC named Card Trader which can upgrade your lower cards into higher card with some extra payment.

More info here

Another important thing to discuss is that bot is only allowed which is build-in in our client and you cannot be AFK while using that bot, in other cases you may be banned.
We have also implemented detector of other 3rd party softwares which are interfering in WoNO Client, so be sure what you are doing, because most likely we will know about that you are using some 3rd party bots etc.

But the talk is over!
We wish you guys good luck, many fights and wars on WoNO!

Thank you,
WoNO Team

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