8 Jul 2020 - WoNO - season 10 - close

Hello, on 19th July server will be closed.
All your premium days will be frozen until new season!

Regards, Support

21 Apr 2020 - Transfer points service

for the last few editions many players have asked me to transfer their points to other servers where I'm admin. So with agreement of other admins there is now fully working system for this which you can find here: Transfer Points Service
This system can also be used to transfer your points to other character on the same server.

Regards, Support

27 Mar 2020 - Change Voc

Hello, we added new NPC in game, she can train you and you can change your vocation after training.
1 random voc per 2 days
3 days cooldown for next random after changing voc

While this edition last we added this NPC to see how it will be usefull, but remember we will collect feedback after this edition and we will see if we'll add this NPC or we'll change limits for changing voc on next editions.

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