Type Where Date Description
4.10.2023 suiton piece of chakra, mistic flame feather, silver ingot, red rose, bronze ingot, katon piece of chakra, bag of poison, raiton piece of chakra, mistic frost feather, mistic maximum emblem, golden ingot now can be sold.
3.10.2023 Yagai jutsu has been fixed and now is not working on monsters and summons.
3.10.2023 Orochimaru buff "juinjutsu" has been removed from Tournament.
3.10.2023 From now you can use !wanted command only every 10 seconds.
3.10.2023 the !kaikuchiyose command now skips Himawari and Tazuna
3.10.2023 We have added command !achievements to check the status of achievements.
3.10.2023 Jinju Kongo Henge Santoro has been changed from 30 to 60 seconds.
2.10.2023 Mistic Forcer Achievement reward has been fixed.
1.10.2023 Jutsu "dainamikku entorii" has been fixed.
30.09.2023 Sharingan Creatures task has been fixed.
30.09.2023 Daily Defenders have been fixed.
30.09.2023 Doton Uchiha Ghost has been fixed.
29.09.2023 Itachi and Gaara Defenders from Daily Boss have been fixed.
28.09.2023 Visioner Achievement has been fixed. (Wrong description - it must be sharingan equipement).
28.09.2023 Jutsu Suiken has been fixed.
28.09.2023 Quest Points and ELO Points are on character card on web page.
28.09.2023 You can now make 10x or 100x potions in crafting machine.
28.09.2023 Forcer last mission has been fixed.
27.09.2023 Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - tp problem has been fixed.
27.09.2023 Backpacks crafting problems have been fixed.
27.09.2023 Lee "hachimon tonko" with "asa kujaku" has been fixed.
27.09.2023 Raikage Fighting Coat - market has been fixed (next restart).
27.09.2023 Genjutsu Rat drop has been fixed.
27.09.2023 Toneri Castle enchant quest has been fixed.
27.09.2023 Dungeon 300 problem portal has been fixed.
27.09.2023 Ancient Golems have much more drop rate.
27.09.2023 Elemental Golems and Golem Kuchiyoser has much more drop rate.
27.09.2023 Elite Golem Tamer Achievement reward has been changed from stamina refiler to 2x stamina bost.
19.09.2023 just from hachimon tonko you cannot die now, your health will be 1 hp min
16.09.2023 Juubi Katon Elemental damage has been fixed.
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