Special Comands

 achievements status
 check status of daily mission
 chack status of task
 check status of monsters kills
 check status of frags
 check boosts status
 check online players
 check uptime

 change health and chakra display from number to percent
 turn off or turn on magic effects
 !stamina on/off
 turn on or turn off stamina
 reset frog mission if get wrong

 check your saga
 check who got the same saga
 check your kakashi gaiden saga
 check who got the same kakashi gaiden saga
 check your itachi gaiden saga
 check who got the same itachi gaiden saga
 check your instance quest timeing

 turn on your aka anbu outfit
 !setclothes 1-5/off
 turn on your special outfit

 transformation to next stage
 revert your transformation
 kai kuchiyose
 destroy your kuchiyose summons

 buy a house
 leave a house
 sell a house
 aleta sio
 let someone invite to your house
 aleta som
 let someone subowner of your house
 aleta grav
 let someone open/close door in your house
 house kick
 kick someone from your house


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