check online players
 check uptime

check dungeon status
kill status
achievements status
resets frog missions in case of a mistake

 !animations on/off
 turn off or turn on magic effects

list of autolooting items
 !autoloot add, item
adding item to autoloot example: !autoloot add, meat
 !autoloot clear
clearing autoloot

bank info
 !bank balance
check bank balance
 !bank deposit, XXXX
deposit cash to bank
 !bank depositall
deposit all cash to bank
 !bank withdraw, XXXX
withdraw cash from bank
 !bank withdrawall
withdraw all cash from bank
 !bank transfer, amount, toPlayer
transfer cash to another player

 transformation to next stage
 revert your transformation
 kai kuchiyose
 destroy your kuchiyose summons

 buy a house
 leave a house
 sell a house
 aleta sio
 let someone invite to your house
 aleta som
 let someone subowner of your house
 aleta grav
 let someone open/close door in your house
 house kick
 kick someone from your house