10 May 2022 - Changelog

Latest Changelog:
-Naruto clones have been reduced at lower level
-Frost Shields, Swords and Kunais are now sellable in shop.
-Kyuubi essence drop is now 100%.
-All platinum amulet enchant have been fixed.

22 Apr 2022 - Low Level Protect

14 Apr 2022 - Changes

Latest Changelog:
-A lot of special jutsu have been fixed.
-A lot of monsters attack,exp,health have been fixed and changed.
-A lot of missions and tasks have been changed.
-A lot of items drop chance from monsters have been changed.
-A lot of potions time have been buffed up.
-A lot of exp from douengons have been fixed.
-A lot of missions exp have been buffed up.

9 Apr 2022 - Happy Easter Event

easter bunny catcher
a event item to catch bunnies
special color fluid
it can be used on easter egg to make some colors
easter egg
easter egg can be colored by special color fluid
1-3 from Easter Bunny
blue easter egg
regeneration +200/s for 30 minutes
red easter egg
health regeneration +200/s for 30 minutes
green easter egg
exp +5% for 30 minutes
black easter egg
def skills +15 for 30 minutes
pink easter egg
10% more health for 30 minutes
frozen easter egg
health regeneration +500/s for 30 minutes
magma easter egg
1 stamina/1sec for 30 minutes
dragon easter egg
chakra regeneration +500/s for 30 minutes
heart easter egg
exp +12% for 30 minutes
star easter egg
def skills +30 for 30 minutes
cloud easter egg
2x more loot for 30 minutes
All eggs can be used on the same time.

7 Apr 2022 - WoNO Giveaway Event

1 Apr 2022 - WoNO v15 - Today!


WoNO is starting Today at 6:00 PM CET.

As you probably know, on the last edition, we have tested new automatic system to detect 3rd party softwares(unofficial bots). On this edition this system have been upgraded and will be checking players more often and upon this even if you logged with unofficial bot for a moment your account will end up banned.
There are no warnings now and first catch=ban for 24h, second catch=7 days and after that 30 days.
So please beware of that and don't be that person because there will be bans for sure.

For the rest we wish you guys to have a good time on WoNO and we are waiting for you!

Regards, WoNO Support

27 Mar 2022 - WoNO v15 Changelog

WoNO v15 Changelog

-New Premium Character [Kawaki]
-New Premium Character [Fu]
-New Premium Character [Han]
-New Premium Character [Roshi]
-New Premium Character [Utakata]
-New Premium Character [Yagura]
-New Premium Character [Yugito]
-New Monsters for 1250 level
-New Equipments for 1250 level
-New Items for 1250 level
-New Crafting for 1250 level
-New Missions for 1250 level
-New Tasks for 1250 level
-New Map (Uchiha Dimension) for 1250 level
-New Map (Illusion Island) for 1250 level
-More "Cursed Samurai" epx spots.

-Vocation changer (item and NPC) have been removed from game.
-Char Market has been permanently removed.
-Big Monsters changes from level 400 (health/exp/damage).
-You can now change from ANY character to PREMIUM character, but only ONCE.
-A lot of Konoha-Map changes.
-You can now buy houses for golds not for house coins.
-PVP-Damage-Stages has been balanced.
-Shields for 800+ level have been nerfed.
-Island Weapons have been nerfed.
-Hokage Missions experience gained have been changed.
-Sharingan Enchant is now available in shop to buy for 300 golds and cannot be sold for gold.
-Suna Gakure has been reworked.

Characters special jutsu changes:
-Hinata -> Special Jutsu more like Neji.
-Kiba -> "Akamaru" duration extended (20sec).
-Orochimaru -> "Ryu no Kawarimi no Jutsu" CD to 30sec.
-Hashirama -> "Jukai Kotan" duration extended to (8sec).
-Hidan -> "Jashin Chikara" CD changed to 70sec.
-Hidan -> New Jutsu "Jashin Sama" (Taijutsu attack +15% for 30 sec).
-Ino -> New Jutsu "Shintenshigi" (Distance attack +15% for 30 sec).
-Shisui -> "Susanou" changed to "Susanou Atk" (Taijutsu attack +25% for 10 sec).
-Shisui -> "Susanou" changed to "Susanou Def" (Defense +25% for 20 sec).
-Darui -> New Jutsu "Raiton Chikara" (Taijutsu attack +15% for 30 sec).
-Kakashi/Raikage -> Jutsu Change "Raiden Feet" (When you run you leave raiton traces which paralyzes a little and inflicts a lot of damage and taijutsu +15% for 10 sec).
-Naruto -> Jutsu Change "Kurama Chikara" (100% Def for 4 sec).
-Temari -> Jutsu Change "Okakeami" (Make dot-mutilation on target (10x damage 4% health)).
-Sakura -> Jutsu "Mystical Palm Buff" can be used on two players.
-Kimimaro -> Jutsu Change "Tessenka" (100% Def for 4 sec).
-Chouji/Chocho -> Jutsu Change "ChoBaika no Jutsu" (Instant Move + Paralyze for 1).
-Shino -> Jutsu Change "Mushi Kanchi Nagashi" (Distance attack +10% for 20).
-Kisame -> Jutsu Change "Samehada Fusion" (Taijutsu +15%, defense +15% for 10 sec) + replace 100/300 specials.
-Orochimaru -> "Ryu no Kawarimi no Jutsu" CD changed to 15 min..
-Kiba -> Jutsu Change "Jinju Kongo Henge Santoro" (Area attack that paralyzes for 0.5sec every second. Lasts 10 sec).

-You cannot make task without stamina.
-Weapons for 1000 level have been fixed.
-Pz-Jutsu Bugs have been fixed.
-Dungeons 2x prices bugs have been fixed.
-War of Emperor Event has been fixed.
-Events teleporting problem has been fixed.
-Jutsu "Fuse" problems/bugging have been fixed.
-Jutsu "Sharingan Copy" problems/bugging have been fixed.
-Pain Saga problems/bugging have been fixed.
-Daily Missions for 1000 level have been fixed.
-Item red rose from autoloot has been fixed.
-Kisame Boss wall has been fixed.
-Houses problems have been fixed.

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