14 Sep 2020 - Bijuu Changes

From next server restart there will be some changes in Bijuu:

 Ichibi Scroll
Distance +10
 Nibi Scroll
Taijutsu +10
 Sanbi Scroll
Jutsu Defense +4%
 Yonbi Scroll
Ninjutsu +4%
 Gobi Scroll
Agility +5
 Rokubi Scroll
Health +1000, Chakra +1500
 Nanabi Scroll
Chakra Regeneration +150/s
 Hachibi Scroll
Meele Defense +4%
 Kyuubi Scroll
Health Regeneration +100/s
 Juubi Scroll
Distance +10, Taijutsu +10, Jutsu Defense +4%, Ninjutsu +4%, Agility +5, Health +1000, Chakra +1500, Health Regeneration +100/s, Chakra Regeneration +150/s, Meele Defense +4%

12 Sep 2020 - Streamers

Hello, some guys are streaming our WoNO: <-- We heard that he will do some giveaways tomorrow, so maybe it's worth to check this out !

Other streamers:

Regards, Support

9 Sep 2020 - 09.09.2020 changelog

All Events have been started.
Tournament 1v1 is now from 150 level.
Dice has been added to premium shop.
Weapon Changer has been added to premium shop.
Vocation Changer has been added to premium shop.

Upon this we are very happy that exping on monsters is better now, but we're still getting msgs that exp on monsters is a little to low comparing to tasks and we've decided to make another monsters exp boost, probably the last one on this edition - another +50%
So the next time when stamina will reset [midnight from 09.09 to 10.09] there will be another monsters exp boost: +50%

8 Sep 2020 - Offline training

Hello, due to high amount of players, we have temporary turned off offline training. You can still train but, you have to move yourself every hour to reset idle counter.
We hope you understand,
Regards Support

7 Sep 2020 - Monsters exp change

Hello, due to too low exp rate from monsters, there will be some changes about this:
After next stamina restart[midnight from 07.09.2020 to 08.09.2020], exp rate will be buffed +50%
We hope this will fix the current situation.
We will be monitoring situation and if necessary we will make changes again.
Regards, Support

5 Sep 2020 - Changelog missions change.

Hokage Missions 100+ 50% exp boosted.
Kazekage Missions 100+ 50% exp boosted
All Task missions exp boosted x2.
Daily missions for lvl 50-149 exp boosted 50%.
Snow Farmer missions changed to lvl 90-130 and boosted exp by 50%.
Daily frag limit has been set to 15.

4 Sep 2020 - Antico Stream Today

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