13 May 2021 - News about WoNO and DBKO


As you know we are currently working on new DBKO Remastered, working on this server is moving really great and quallity of work done is much higher than on current DBKO and WoNO, but eventhough most systems are done, we are currently work on a map and a content, because on classic DBKO content wasn’t that big and satisfining, now we want to change that and we are preparing much bigger content so everyone will be satisfied.

We got over 100 survey answers from you guys, thanks for your time it really helped us and we now know what you want and what you need from DBKO, but we will not make it in time. From the experience we got over those years in administrating those servers we know that it’s better to wait a little more and start with better prepared game than rushing everything just to make it in time.

So the changes we are doing in our servers:
DBKO will start early September(probably 3.09.2021) and because it was the date that WoNO should start, the WoNO edition will start earlier (instead of DBKO) 11.06.2021 and will not have edition this year on September like it was last 4-5 years.

So, to sum up:
27.05.2021 – WoNO v12 will be closed, PACC will be freezed
11.06.2021 – WoNO v13
03.09.2021 – DBKO Remastered

We also noticed from surveys that there are 2 types of players:
1- They like to have editions every couple of months
2- They don’t like restarts every 6 months

So in addition to this, DBKO Remastered will have pernament server, these characters won’t be restarting, even if in the future there will be new editions, we will have 1 server with all the characters and it will be updating regullary just like „the new edition server”. Because DBKO Remasted will have much bigger content and PvP will rock on this server we don’t know after how long there will be next edtion, we won’t be planning that it will be totally up to you. We are prepared to have long lasting edition even 1 year+
PvP and PvE will be on a whole new level comparing it to the current servers.

In the meantime we will be making couple of PvP and PvE tests on a new DBKO, first PvP test will be next week and it will be closed and only some of you will get an invite on a discord, if you are interested in early PvP test, write to me Jacolos#6350 .

Some time in July/August there will be open PvP and PvE tests for everyone interested lasting few days!

Regards, WoNO & DBKO Support

8 Apr 2021 - Attack Speed & bug

Due to low amount of active players we changed max attack speed on WoNO from 250ms > 150 ms so you can skill to higher skill and you can have up to 6,5 attacks per second.

We also fixed bug which caused lags when there were 300+ players on WoNO, from first look it looks like currently WoNO could handle even 700+ players without lags !

PS. We've also increased slightly damage to players on high levels from 20% to 32%!

8 Mar 2021 - WoNO Code Event

We are introducing exp event on WoNO!
1-99lvl: +200% exp
100-349lvl: +100% exp
350-599lvl: +50% exp
600lvl+: +25% exp

Join now and fight with gift special game code "RULE-THE-WONO"

3 Mar 2021 - Shop

18 Feb 2021 - Dead Forest Event

Also character market has been opened

10 Feb 2021 - Hiraishin Event

8 Feb 2021 - Last Changelog

Last Changelog:

-Shukaku no Tate has been fixed.
-A lot of reported respawns have been fixed.
-Jashin Chikara has been fixed.
-Hebi no Shushu has been fixed.

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