Summon Rules:
Summons cannot be targeted, do not have health and are invisible in battle window.
Monsters ignore summons.
Summons walk through players and monsters.
The only way to destroy another player summon is to click RMB on a summon and there is ??% chance to destroy it with each click. There are exceptions to this rule. Player who destroys the summon is PZ locked as if he attacked a player.
Summons steal a portion of experience that the summoner receives. This doesn't stack when there are many summons.
Summons do not deal damage with auto attacks (Kankuro and Sasori are exceptions and their summons deal 30% of the users damage with auto attacks) and their spells scale the same as players but the damage is reduced by 70%.
Cooldown for resummoning starts when summon is destroyed.
Summons are summoned always on the summoners position.
Summons can enter protection zones.
Summons always teleport to the summoner when they go out of screen.
When the summon cannot reach the summoner (behind doors or walls) by walking then it gets teleported to the summoner.
Summons copy movement speed from the summoner.

When this puppet is summoned the user gains 30% attack speed and is able to cast Dokukiri Jigoku starting from level 100. Attacks with a single target spell.
When this puppet is summoned Taijutsu and Dexterity is increased by 20 and the user is able to cast Kurohigi Kiki Nihatsu starting from level 200. Attacks with two target spells and has a chance to stun the target for 1 second.
This puppet can be summoned at anytime along the other summons. When Sanshouo is present and the users health drop below 20% the user becomes immune to damage and cannot move for 4 seconds. Puppet disappears after triggering this effect. Has no attacks.
When this puppet is summoned the users auto attack damage from a ranged weapon is no longer reduced. Also, its possible to cast Kurohigi Soen Katsugeki as long as the puppet is alive, starting from level 300. Attacks with two wave spells and a single target spell that makes the puppet jump to the target.

Mother & Father:
Description will be added when Sasori is released.
Description will be added when Sasori is released.
Sandaime Kazekage:
Description will be added when Sasori is released.

Close-target spell that steals chakra in pvp and deals damage in pve.
Close-target spell that poisons the target in pvp (1% hp/s) and reduces healing effects for 10 seconds. In pve poisons the target with flat damage per second.
Close-target spell that slows the target by 30% and deals damage. In pve deals double the damage without slowing.
Damage dealing insects with standard target-wave-area spell rotation.

Deals damage with wave, aoe and target spells, however the target spell has a 20% slowing effect on players.