Server Rules
Server Regulations

Chapter I.
General Rules

Art. 1. The terms used in the regulations have the following meanings:
1) Player - The person is playing on the server
2) Administration - server support members, i.e. Administration (Crash, Jacolos, Mavius, Zwir, Sairen) and Tutors
3) Player Account - an account with a unique login and password on the WONO Online server, owned by the Jacolos Company
4) 1st Degree Ban - a ban on playing for 24 or 48 hours imposed on a player who has broken the rules
5) 2nd Degree Ban - a ban on playing for a minimum of 72 hours, which cannot be removed with an unban
6) Unban - a service that lifts Ban I degree.
7) Pacc - Premium account
8) Mute - Penalty imposed on a player for breaking the following rules as a result, the player cannot use spells and write.
9) Bot WONO - a system built into the client by default.

Chapter II

Art. 1. The administration is not responsible for lost items or stolen accounts.
Art. 2. The administration will never ask you for your login / password, unless it is needed to prove pacc, change e-mail or create a new recovery key.
Art. 3. It is recommended to use unique logins and passwords.
Art. 4. The sale of characters and items for real money or in exchange for items in another game is strictly prohibited.

Chapter III
Character Names

Art. 5. The name of the character should contain at least 3 letters
Art. 6. The name of the character cannot be vulgar or misleading.
Art. 7. The character name cannot be composed of random letters, such as dsadasdsadca
Art. 8. The name of the character cannot be similar to any name of the administration such as: Jakolos, Krasz or Zwirek
Art. 9. The name of the character may not mislead other players as to his position on a server such as Administrator Jacob.
Art. 10. The character name cannot contain any special characters.
Art. 11. In the event of breaking any of the above articles of Chapter II, the Player must change his name at his own expense within 24 hours, otherwise the Administration has the right to remove the character.
Art. 12. Your nickname can have up to 3 segments which means ONLY 3 spaces between each segment.
Art. 13. Nickname cannot be to long, must fit into battle window.
Art. 14. Nickname MUST be easily readable and easy to pronounce.

Chapter IV
External programs
Art. 15 1. It is strictly forbidden to mod the current client to add some modification that is not built into the client.
2. The same applies to external programs such as Tasker and Macro
3. In the event that any of the paragraphs of this article is broken, the Administration has the right to ban the Player or remove his Character.

Chapter V
Art. 16. 1. Each chat player is equal and any verbal, racist images are forbidden due to their origin, it may be mutated depending on the level of the offense, and in the case of frequent and very offensive behavior the penalty will be ban.
2. In case of offending members of the Administration, the penalties will be more severe.
Art. 17. 1. Each player is obliged to follow the rules of any type of chat.
a) Trade - chat only for buying / selling or exchanging items
b) Game-chat PL - chat for free conversation between players in Polish, it is forbidden to write about the purchase / sale or exchange of items and to look for other players on the sage / quest or instance.
c) Game-chat BR - chat for free conversation between players in Portuguese, it is forbidden to write about the purchase / sale or exchange of items and looking for other players on the sage / quest or instance / dungeon or rifts.
d) Saga and Quest - chat only for searching for a team for saga / quest or instance, or for dungeons or rifts.
e) Help - chat only for asking questions about the game.
2. In the event of breach of the rules described in Art. 15. Paragraph 1 The penalty will be a mute depending on how frequently the rule is broken.
Art. 18 Advertising yourself on any chat rooms must be consulted with the Administration and its consent must be obtained.

Chapter VI

Art. 19. Frequent blocking of sag respawn is prohibited, and it is subject to a 24-hour 1st degree ban
Art. 20 The use of the WONO Bot is allowed only if the player is at the computer and is able to write back, in the event of breaking this rule, a 1st degree ban penalty
Art. 21. Each error in the game must be reported to the administration as soon as possible, and in the event of failure to report the error or use it, a penalty of a 2nd Degree Ban or deletion of the account is possible.
Art. 22. Each error must be reported to members of the Administration.
Art. 23. The administration has the right to withdraw the state of the game from 24 hours ago only in the event of a serious error.
Art. 24. Being absent from the computer during the events in which you participate may be a 1st degree ban
Art. 25. Using any bugs in the game to change teams at events threatening with 1st degree Ban.
Art. 26. Errors in the game used to increase experience for dungeons, rifts, etc. May result in a 2nd degree ban or character removal.
Art. 27. During the event, one player can control a maximum of 1 Character, otherwise there is a risk of 1st degree Ban
Art. 28. In case of logging out during the event, the player will be punished with a 1st degree ban
Art. 29. Using MC on events like War of Emperor, Akatsuki vs Anbu or Survival are NOT allowed

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